Saturday, September 05, 2009

Getting Away From It All For a Day - Part III

On the way back to the city there is a new satellite township being developed. Apparently it has been in progress for a few years & a drive around inside had Mum muttering that it hadn't really developed much, house wise, in the years since she had last had a look.
Me....well I wasn't even aware of it (shows you how much I get out!)& I have to say that a quick drive around had me shuddering in my boots! Big houses on minuscule sections & just so manufactured looking. No thanks, that'd be my idea of torture.

However the entrance to the 'township' of the main road is worth a mention, or at least a photograph or two.

Well, perhaps not the 'actual' entrance, but the statues that adorn the walls either side of it are pretty cool. These are a slightly simplified style of ancient Maori Carvings that are becoming a lot more prevalent in the South Island than they have been in the past.

I really like seeing them used, instead of the more conservative European styles that we have become so used too over the years.

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