Thursday, September 03, 2009

Getting Away From It All For a Day - Part 1

Mum & I decided to escape the city on the first day of Spring. A long talked about day trip to Oxford, a township about 40 minutes drive North of the city, was decided long as it was a nice day. It was when we left the city.

As we approached Oxford the weather was overcast & rainy. I really didn't mind as it afforded us the best view of a rainbow I have ever seen.... while travelling in the car we could see both ends in the fields alongside us.

Of course after jumping out of the car with my camera in hand, I realised that I should have brought my wide angle lens with me. (Can you tell I am such an amateur at this?).
No matter how far back across the other side of the road I went I could not get both ends of the rainbow in one shot. OK, so I could have jumped fences & got really adventurous, but I really wasn't dressed for that!

Fortunately by the time we had stopped in Oxford & had a coffee, the weather cleared up & signs of spring were everywhere!

We browsed in a couple of the shops there, but I was more thrilled with the beautiful views to be had when just walking up the main street.

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