Monday, September 07, 2009

Terrific Tuesday

Nothing better than doing the airport run, only to get home from said run after dropping Kieran at the airport then doing a quick dash to the other side of town to pick up packing supplies, grabbing a coffee on the way home & sitting down to relax for 5 minutes before packing my orders, when the phone rings.

Guess whose flight had been cancelled. Guess who had to go back out to the airport & pick him up.
Guess who had to take him back out there later. Just as well I love the kid!

Three return trips to the Airport in one day is overkill - unless it's me getting on the plane ;o)

Point A is home, B is the Airport & the blue arrow is my packing supplier.
9 Kilometers (5.5 miles) each way.

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BabyBoy said...

I would just like to state for the record, that this was no fault of my own, and I do believe i allowed you take me to look at womens shoes with...