Sunday, May 04, 2008

It's Sunday & I'm lovin' It!!

For the first time in a little over 3 years - I have actually enjoyed it!!
No work tomorrow - Yeehaaaaaa!!!

What have I done to actually celebrate this fact - zip, zilch, zero, nada!! I have been so relaxed that I haven't actually given it a thought - the day just happened & that's exactly as it should be, no dreading Monday :o)

I have tidied & sorted, more or less arranged things the way I want them in the studio aka "DaBatt Cave", of course my Dymo just had to run out of battery power right at this moment & I wont even mention tape. I even found places to squeeze some the framing examples that were mine into the little amount of wall space we have here....well apart from my certificate for "Professional Coursework in Framing" - no person in their right mind would want to have that piece of junk on their wall!

I went to see Mum, then took Michaela shopping for new jeans. It is such fun watching her turn into a teenager (just hoping it stays that way!). She's gaining a new found confidence in herself & displaying a total about face in her choice of clothes. She wants to look at girl clothes - more fitted styles & what's more - 'colours' !! No more blacks, browns & dark blues - rather definite feminine style clothes, still not 'girly girl' but after years of only looking at boyish clothes & loose fitting styles- it's a delight to see.
I guess she is feeling a bit more comfortable in her own skin.

I've just pulled out my sewing machine (hoping I can remember how to use it), in order to shorten two pairs of jeans. One, of course, must get both pairs done - just in case she has a 13 year old fashion crisis in the morning.

One of the things I organized today was all of the old newspaper clippings from exhibition openings & newspaper article about HoA. It has served as a timely reminder that never again will I have to look such a dofus as this ~

Well of course - there are more that I look even goofier in, but you'd have to make a special trip to goofyland to see those!

In short it has been a fabulous Sunday - the first of many.

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