Saturday, May 17, 2008

Week Two

& still the prettiest by far! <-- That just popped into my head & not a single person will get my warped sense of humour unless you have read "The Secret Diary of Legolas".

On, on - week two has been somewhat more settled.....& I have made beads. My muse seems to have deserted me somewhat (secretly I suspect she has deflected to warmer climates for the duration), I can't figure why because she was rearing to go before I finished work, but there is no use obsessing over that as it will just compound things. Mum just said I need to give myself a bit of time to settle into a whole new routine - she may be right.
Not that many weeks ago a lovely friend gave me an wonderful analogy when I was talking about the leap of faith I was about to take:
"Think of Indiana Jones when he saw a chasm that had no bridge. He was required to take that leap of faith to cross the chasm and find the Holy Grail. He did and landed square on his feet! When he landed, we, the audience was allowed to see the bridge that had just blended in perfectly with the background. He didn’t know it was there. We didn’t know it was there, but he took that leap, and he was safe."

At the time I said to her that her timing was great in more ways than one, as TV was about to replay the first 3 Indiana Jones movies in a lead up to the new one coming out - & of course I had to watch them as there is a competition running to win a trip to Morocco!!!! Tonight I watched that movie - reminded myself that I had indeed taken a leap & that I will be 'safe'. I know that - I just need to sort out the 'life' that seems insistent of getting in the way.

Mum has recovered from her hospital stay famously! I am thrilled - a good sign is that she rang today & asked if I had any beads made up that she could wear out to dinner tonight with a certain outfit (hey - I'm all for advertising).
I had to explain that most of what I have is in at G&G with price tags on it, but that she was welcome to come over & go through my personal pieces as I had thrown myself something together the week I finished work...out of early odd beads of course. As it turns out, it was perfect to go with the outfit she wanted to wear. Maybe I should go into the jewellery hire business - lol!

On the 'not quite so up side' my Aunt is still in hospital - they are keeping her in there until they can operate. She is to have a double by-pass on Tuesday morning. I'm sure she will be fine - but Mum is already talking about the 24 hour in home care she has to have afterwards.... & how much she will be able to help.
That is what worries me - the thought of Mum rushing around at this time of year is just not good - with Winter approaching & her dodgy immune system, the last thing she needs is to end up back in hospital with Pneumonia again.

One day this blog will be about beads! Just a few things to get out of the way first.
I did make a beaded tassel this week though. It's going to Alaska.

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