Sunday, May 04, 2008

Oriental Butterfly

I suppose since this log was orginally intended to keep a track of my needlework projects (& in particular my cross stitches) - that I should at least have one up here. This is the piece that came home from the Gallery - which I finally hung today. I meant to post it in my blog earlier - that was the whole intention tonight!

I think this particular cross stitch was single handedly responsible for me laying down my craft weapon of choice - the needle. I must add that it is not the patterns fault - rather the person who decided that she would like to create this butterfly on a lighter background fabric than the one used in the pattern - which to my mind was a touch on the garish side.

Yes - I like a challenge!
But some are just a tad more challenging that what you expect - especially when you have to change all of the shading colours used, because you have changed the background. Then you discover that they really don't make the colours you need - so that involves changing even more colours - & tired eye's find it difficult because the shading is so subtle in places it is hard to tell the difference between fabric & stitched area's. Full saga/visuals in the slide show below.
Anyway here is "Oriental Butterfly" - my way!!

I have a butterfly - now I need to be one. Pretty sure I have that the wrong way around though!

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rosebud101 said...

Gorgeous butterfly, Deb! You do like a challenge, don't you? Hugs.