Friday, May 09, 2008

What a Week!

My first week of being officially unemployed ...well actually self employed & I have done approximately 'zip'. Lots of planning & thinking, but nothing viable in the way of material productivity!

There have been interruptions - many of them, but two in particular were extremely good interruptions & I learned a lot from them. Talking with someone who knows marketing is always helpful & when it comes to that, there is no-one quite like my friend & ex-boss, Bronwyn.

Mum ended up in hospital again. On the up side, because she read the warning signs accurately & early, this time, she will be home tomorrow.
On the down side my Aunt was admitted to hospital last night. Two weeks ago she had a pain around her neck - a tight feeling. She noticed yesterday when she was carrying the rubbish out that the same pain came back again, so went to the Doctors - who admitted her straight away. It turns out that the pain two weeks ago was a mild heart attack - they are doing tests now & we will know more later.

I'm just thankful that she is OK at the moment, & being forced to rest.....not to mention that her & Mum are nowhere near each other at the hospital. The word that comes to mind - Chaos!
The thought of those two sharing the same room ..... well lets just say there would be no rest - for anyone.

The picture up the top - well it just reminds me of the kids when they were little. I caught Michaela doing that to Gabriela one day - LOL!

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rosebud101 said...

Glad things are better for your mum. Hopefully things are better for your auntie, too! Now, get productive, woman!