Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Sophie's Bead

I've met a lot of people in the first year of my journey in lampworking - yet I have never met any of them face to face.

The incredible generosity of spirit in both sharing of materials & help/advice that is offered to this Kiwi way down at the bottom of the world often blows me away & frequently I am left feeling that I receive far more than I give.

One lady, in particular, has been an influence & an inspiration to me. Her wonderful ongoing enthusiasm, her absolute passion & fabulous sense of humour never fail to make me take a deep breath & rethink things before I deem them as being 'impossible'. And, boy, can she make me laugh!!!
All that & the fact that she's simply a wonderful warm hearted person ( you know who I'm talking about Ms M.!)

I have been telling
Rosebud101 - aka Ms M. about Sophie - I'd shown her links to the YouTube videos featuring Sophie's efforts so far.
Out of the blue I was informed that she had made a bead for Sophie & would be sending it to me to give her.
When I asked her why the response was:
"I just wanted to make a bead that would show the victory of overcoming a challenge because I think that Sophie has done that."

Those words really made me think - because I remember reading somewhere that Sophie said, one one of the many occasions that she was talking to a group of school children that she "didn't think of her disability as that, rather as a challenge - that was being turned into an opportunity".
Last year being awarded New Zealand's Young Sportsperson of the Year & now, at 15 years old, being the youngest New Zealander ever to be selected for the NZ Paralympics team - this young lady has most certainly shown us all just where a challenge can take you!

This is her beautiful bead, made by a wonderful lady that has never met her - yet in some way has recognised something in this beautiful young determined person.

I gave Sophie her bead today - she loved both it & the story that comes with it.
Like me, she couldn't quite comprehend the generosity from someone that has never met her - yet has given recognition to her achievements in a most special way. Ms M - Thank You!


rosebud101 said...

You are a sweetie! Hugs, Deb!

Deb said...

Why thank you - but it's no less than you deserve Ms M.