Saturday, June 28, 2008

What's not to Love

Christchurch City Sunrise

The other night as I sat here listening to the gentle hum of my Hard Drive…well ok it’s not so gentle, in fact it is irritatingly loud…but hey I was trying to wax lyrical.

So let’s pretend that my Hard Drive, which at times gets a vibration thing going that can only be compared to the roar of a Hot Head as opposed to the quite background noise of a dual fuel torch – is quite.
To some it would be considered quiet ….members of a Heavy Metal Band for instance.

Back on track: – a couple of nights ago I was sitting here at 2.00am in the morning, pondering the meaning of life, the universe & everything (glass, beads & LE, silver jewelry components). I suddenly realised why it is that I hang around so long after everyone else goes to bed….the total lack of sound, the blissful silence – the pure unadulterated PEACE. Being able to think uninterrupted thoughts – map out idea’s while they are fresh in my mind, before sleep & then the subsequent early morning rush intrudes & erases them.

Not that many years ago I used to do almost everything at night – often knit or sew right through until the sun rose. I’d read books until they were finished & the birds were chirping away merrily. Any decorating was done after everyone was in bed & out of my way…. & I’ve lost count of how many Birthday Cakes I’ve still been icing at 4.00am.

Maybe I should try making beads at night – watch the sunrises, be inspired, capture thoughts & idea’s in the peace of early morning before I get the kids off to school & the house empties so I can sleep during the day. What's not to love about that?
I know I’m not a morning person - & really there is nothing to stop me if I want to.
Perhaps I shall think on this some more……

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angelinabeadalina said...

That is a beautiful picture. What gorgeous, bead-inspiration colors :) I say, go for the schedule change if you can. I am a morning person, but I find that I will stay up late if I can have that blissful peace to myself for a while.