Sunday, June 08, 2008

Ode to Hundertwasser

Ode to Hundertwasser

Ever had one of those days when things don’t seem to go quite according to plan?
Whose plan they aren’t going according to is questionable at the best of times, I feel – but I am talking about the days when we have a firm idea of what we would like to achieve.

Unfortunately – or fortunately, depending on how you look at it, my loosely conceived ideas seem to take on life of their own & are accompanied by crystal clear images inside my head.
Usually these mental images are far above what my skills & the techniques I’ve acquired so far as a flame worker are capable of attaining. Of course this doesn’t stop me trying.
Sometimes the results are not at all similar to that which I had hoped to achieve - & I look upon the bead with disappointment, but often find in there at least something to recommend it.

I set out to make a bead (once again) with abstract flowers on it – not minding too much if they looked like something from outer space, in fact kind of hoping they would.
Once again (can you tell I have tried this before?) I managed to get everything a little too hot & a lot too flattened. Once again a feeling of disappointment the next morning when I removed it from the kiln. As I was cleaning it I realised that it was one of those beads that had a certain feel to it. It seemed to grow on me over the next few days & the initial disappointment went away.

A friend visited, saw it & passed the comment “that reminds me of a Hundertwasser painting”. She was right – it was Hundertwasser’ish. Strange that the minute that bead had something real to identify with & be compared to, away from the preconceived image in my mind, I no longer felt that I had failed in what I had been attempting to achieve – yet again fallen short of my own expectations. Rather I had taken another step towards finding my own voice in glass.

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