Wednesday, June 18, 2008

True Treasures

Black & White Treasure Woven Bracelet

There are many things I treasure, collections of shells & pebbles found on beaches over the years, my childhood memories & those of my children, special moments & time shared with family, time spent in front of the torch, peace & quiet (especially the uninterrupted sort when there is absolutely nothing I should be doing) & of course friendships.

Joining a recent exchange on LE for Treasure Woven Bracelets - I couldn't have been more thrilled, when the draw for who was making a bracelet for whom resulted in Mallory (Rosebud101) making mine.

When asked for my colour choice I suggested "Black & White". I figured everyone would be expecting me to say 'orange' as I had already put it forward it as a likely contender upon joining the exchange when listing my preferences, but the rebel in me kicked in - lol!

Afterwards I realised that poor Mallory had probably been looking forward to creating something a little more vibrant.
But hey - I like Black & White - it has a certain panache to it1
So does Mallory.

That wonderful lady managed to impart some of her brilliant vibrant & enthusiastic personality into my bracelet, taking Black & White to places I imagine it has never been before. No formal line up of beads here my friends - rather a fantastic selection of wonderfully individual handmade components that literally shouts 'look at me' to all who see it! It is simply perfect.

Now I have a bracelet full of treasures, made by someone whose friendship I treasure dearly. I think this personifies a Treasure Bracelet.

There were a few other surprises in the box - but they are for a later brag ;o) ....
oops! I mean blog.

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rosebud101 said...

I'm so glad you like your bracelet, Deb! I'm sorry there was a fin broken. I'm glad you have super glue. Wear it in good health and for many years. I also hope that you can lift up your arm when wearing that bracelet.