Saturday, June 21, 2008

Imitation - the Highest Form of Flattery......

"Winged Isis Egyptian Goddess"

Every so often, well - quite frequently really, a thread will come up on LE about copying. Now while it is all very interesting & sometimes aspects of it are realtively valid in certain instances, I personally feel that it's not worth get all hung up over. Far better to put ones energies into creating, rather than debating.

One particular lady on LE, an artist whom I very much admire not only for her gorgeous glass creations & sculptures but also for her wonderful insight & brilliant words of wisdom is AngelinaBeadalina (or Angie or Ang - lol), summed up the whole issue perfectly:

We each make our own footprint in glass. If you look ahead of you, there will be the footprints of those who came before you. You will notice their footprints crossing over one another, sometimes landing in the same space even though they've come from different directions and once again diverge and follow different paths. If you look behind you, there will be the footprints of those coming behind you. You will notice some that appear to follow you, but if you put yourself in the shoes of the people ahead of you, then you realize that to them it may look as if you are merely following in their footsteps. You will also notice those behind you moving at different speeds and in many different directions. We are each making our own footprints, but you'll notice it is inevitable that all the ground as far as you can see before you and behind will become covered with footprints. Before you assume someone else is following your path to closely, better look at your own from a different perspective. . . just because your feet have landed momentarily in the same spot does not make either of you owner of that spot.

No one owns a piece of the path, no matter how heavily or lightly trodden it might be. Just enjoy the walk!
Oh, and a few other thoughts that could come from this loose analogy:

--If you have made some superduperspecial bulldozer to clear part of the path, don't forget that someone ahead of you probably used a different version of it somewhere along the line. Feel proud of your work, but it might be arrogant to assume no one else in history has ever used the same type of idea. Also, remember that just because you moved part of the path still does not give you ownership of the path itself.

--If you pay someone to guide you along a new or difficult part of the path for you, show them respect and thank them for their help. If you take money from someone for guiding them along a part of the path you know well, show them respect and thank them for trusting you. Both of you should remember that neither of you owns the path.

--Remember that babies learn to walk partly by observing others and partly by trying to walk themselves.

--If you always ride piggyback, certain things will happen: you may never learn to walk by yourself again; or you may get a needed break and then walk stronger; or you may only succeed in hurting the back of the one who carries you while simultaneously deepening their footprint. Still, no matter what happens with the footprints, neither of you will be able to claim that part of the path as your own.

--If someone alongside you could use a hand as they traverse the path, please be kind. You never know when you will need their hand in return.

--This path really is a wonderful one. You share it with many wonderful people. Share it, enjoy it, glory in it .

Be sure to check out Ang's blog & her gallery at - both are well worth adding to your favorite places to hang out!


angelinabeadalina said...

Deb, are my eyes playing tricks on me? I could swear I didn't see that cool picture you took of Isis when I looked at your blog last time? Thank you so much for spreading the words I wrote, as well as adding links to me :) Ang

Deb said...

Ang, no tricks my sweet - your eye's (& sanity) are quite safe ;o)
My photo program, computer & I have been at loggerheads & I wanted to be quite sure that I was doing her the wonderful justice she deserved before showing her off. Now of course I have to do her justice in jewelry form. I just think that's it's kind of nice for people to have an image of whom I'm quoting - visual encouragement to follow links :o) Deb