Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Confessions of a Hopeless Romantic

Ang’s comment on my last blog entry got me to thinking ….which always a bad thing believe me – I have one of those minds that wanders off of it’s own accord & in it’s own direction – before you know it, it’s miles away from wherever it started & can’t find it’s own way back….at least not without the help of copious amounts of coffee!
See – off track already!

Anyway, what I had started thinking about was, Ang’s comment about Jayne’s intriguing name for her necklace – & as I was typing a response to her comment my mind did a backward flip to exactly what it reminded me of – some of the wonderful lush graphics in the only PC game I have ever purchased for myself! “Pharaoh” & it’s extension pack “Cleopatra” were an early favourite of mine on the computer - & to be honest more for the theme & the graphics, as I never did display any great skill at building villages & such (I think I got as far as an early Pyramid ….once).

My priorities weren’t always right – I could eventually improve my homes from crude huts to impressive mansions, but I got far too easily distracted by putting the fun & pretty stuff all over my cities. “Ohhhhh statues, gardens” & “oh my….bazaars” - shopping! Then of course I’d forget to feed my people & even when I did remember something else would be waiting to claim them such as plagues of locusts, famine or fire.

Ahh there was life before glass!

However, to make more sense of “Thor (you know him - Norse God of Thunder) meets Cleopatra” (she, ruler of Egypt, & of asp & beauty fame) I decided to post the photo of the original bead & the sort of thing I imagine inspired Jayne’s wonderful piece which concluded with this inter-dimensional marriage ;o)
Intriguing indeed!

Psst Ang if you read this – did you realise that “Isis” was Cleopatra’s patron Goddess – given that she’s the Goddess of Wisdom I suspect she may be yours too!

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angelinabeadalina said...

I do love the way you think, Deb! and you know what? I don't think I ever officially knew Isis was Cleopatra's goddess, but they both run together and are almost interchangeable in my mind when I envision regal Egyptians!

Didja save any of the statues, gardens, and bazaars some way? I'll bet they were beautiful to explore!