Thursday, June 26, 2008

Yes We Have No Banana's

Random Behaviour
Strange title for a blog post - I know, but it pretty much sums up my mood right now....strange. It's almost as if I'm in limbo - waiting for something to happen, yet knowing it's not going to. The attention span of a gnat & a distinct lack of focus (which 'could' be attributed to a lack of coffee - if only I didn't know the opposite were true), a feeling of being a bit stir crazy & just generally unsettled. Maybe it's subliminal messages from listening to an eclectic assortment of teenage music when the girls get home from school - lol!

Maybe it's just winter when I usually tend to hibernate - even though that temptation hasn't been evident this year I still know I am slowing down in accomplishing things - but then I blame that on the lack of focus. Maybe it's just the thought of an anual increase in age event - or should that be non event.

Any which way - when I came across this bead which was photographed & named last week ready to be posted to this blog (see what I mean?) - it became apparent that this 'mood' has been lingering for longer than I thought.

What's happened to all the exotic names that normally pop into my head when I look at a bead - ahh that's it, I think they are hibernating for winter.
Anyway - I think this is a rather nice bead, probably deserving of a better name than it has been given. But I'm sure it will get over it - as will I ;o)

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angelinabeadalina said...

You're bananas, chickadee, if you think that Random Behaviour isn't a cool enough name. . .I love the play of the silvery blue glass in it, almost as if it is still molten and capable of some random behavior.

P.S. From "Yes, We Have No Bananas," my brain went to the old guy at the end of the Harry Chapin song, the one who says, "thirty thousand pounds of mashed bananas." Okay, enough random rambling from me.