Tuesday, June 24, 2008

WoW- just WoW !

"Thor meets Cleopatra"
Jaynez Jewelz

Sometimes you are just cruising along quietly, minding your own business - a bit like playing Poohsticks....when something comes along & blows your particular stick out of the water! In a good way!

A while ago a first time customer bought some beads off of me via an auction site here in New Zealand. Jayne was lovely to deal with - the perfect customer in fact & asked if I had any business cards as she liked to give credit to bead creators when she made a piece. At the time I didn't have any business cards on hand - but I had just placed my very first order for some. I duly sent her a few when they arrived.

She had mentioned that she was going to enter a piece using one of my beads in her creation into a competition. Over time I forgot about this - too busy with my head buried in glass & life in general.... it just slipped my mind.

Friday last week I got an email from the website here that was running the competition - "Beadaholic NZ" . I was a little confused as I had never joined the mailing list there. Of course when I read the email my memory was jogged about the first ever “New Zealand National Creative Jewellery Making & Beading Designer Awards”.

Still confused (it's easy - believe me!) about why I was getting the email I curiously clicked the link to see what the results were & what sort of items had been submitted.

Happily scrolling down the page with gentle sighs of oohhhhh & ahhhhhhh at the beauties displayed .....& that there were those out there that have the patience (& the eyesight) to play with seed beads & such - I suddenly stopped in my tracks & let out a squeal!

OMG there was Jayne's, "Jaynes Jewelz" , lovely set "Thor meets Cleopatra" - did I say lovely? - it is STUNNING, & to be honest the set stopped me before I realised who had made it & what significance it had to me - it's just my kind of thing!

Jayne had indeed given me credit & then some, for the small part my beads played in her piece - but mainly I am so very thrilled for her in that she won the "Creative Merit" prize that she did.

Of course now I know why I got the email too - lol!


angelinabeadalina said...

Congrats to the both of you! "Thor Meets Cleopatra" is such an intriguing name, and I love the warrior queen look to it!

rosebud101 said...

Congratulations, Deb! Your beads are awesome!

Deb said...

Thank you Mallory & Ang :o)

Ang - "Thor" was the name of the bead Jayne purchased & the wonderful lush style & colour theme of Jaynes set (espceially the collar) I guess was just begging to have an egyptian connection ;o)