Friday, July 04, 2008

Green Day

Green Green Glass of Home

It’s not easy being green, well at least according to Kermit it wasn’t….. & who am I to argue. I actually like frogs – so I’m not about to contradict this.

Personally I like green – I just don’t wear it, quite frankly I look like c**p in all the shades of green that I like - so I can guess how Kermit must have felt at times. … he didn’t have a choice!
Having been recently asked to make a green bead for a special gift I have been playing with all sort’s of combinations & shades…. a lot of them play nice together – some don’t (but I’m not about to show you those –lol!).

I’m rather pleased with the two pictured above – they’re on an olive green transparent base with lashings of random silver test batch glasses, identifiable only by their numbers (which I have long since forgotten) & with some wonderful Triton shards melted in…. these have gone a very cool iridescent bronze/gold.

Anyway that’s the glass content dealt with ;o)

Of course it was really all part of a cunning plan to draw you down to the Brag Book of Achievements I am proud of Part II - “Cornwall Street The House
Click on the album for the full story (don't worry it's only got a couple of photo's with people in)

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rosebud101 said...

Love the bead, and love the house! Wow! You did a lot of work on that house! Amazing results!