Saturday, July 26, 2008

This Is Not Art…….

But it certainly spins my wheels!

I can’t blog about what I’d like to – for fear that the future recipients (my son & his lovely fiancé Kerry) see it.
What I can tell you is that I had an extremely wonderful offer yesterday from an absolutely fabulous lady. Having been at a total loss as to what to get the lovely couple when they swan down here next month for their engagement party – I had the PERFECT solution of the most perfect gift deposited right into my lap yesterday. This is something I looked at & immediately fell in love with about 6 weeks or so ago, & although I personally loved it – the second I saw it I thought of Kieran & Kerry. It was something that I would have purchased immediately had I had the means to do so – I didn’t & I still don’t. That is about all I can say for now though.

Over the years I come to believe that if something is meant for you than it shall be yours. If something you really desire for some reason doesn’t end up in your possession – then it was never meant to be.
Now I was just about to type “that still doesn’t explain my lost earring though” - & then had it pointed out to me that just maybe it does. For everything there is a purpose.

This is leading somewhere – even though I have left a rather loose end above. If you really want to know what it is I am getting & how it came about – email me & all shall be revealed! Sometimes having a son that is in Specialized Communications in the Army is a real bear! Lol!
I can just hear him saying “Mum – you can run, but you cannot hide “.

A classic example of things happening when they should do is the Tumbler that arrived from the USA this week. I had tried to get one brought back by a friend when she was visiting the USA in January – it just didn’t pan out, which I have to admit was quite disappointing at the time.

Thanks to some timely enablement by a certain person stateside & an equally timely cash injection from NZ’s beloved tax department I was able to procure one of these beauties at last! To those involved stateside in enabling, aiding & abetting & me – I am eternally grateful (well perhaps NOT the tax department – they were just giving what was mine, but late – as usual).

Now anyone who knows me – would know that tools do indeed spin my wheels.
Once I had managed to get the right power transformer the lovely Tumbler had it’s inaugural run &, Allan put some of his chainmaille pieces through. With a lack of steel shot on hand – we tried a suggestion he had found discussed by other chainmailler’s on a forum he belongs to…… Rice!

And it worked ...brilliantly!


rosebud101 said...

Gorgeous chain maille! Wow! Now what is it you want to give the new couple for an engagement present!

angelinabeadalina said...

Hey, you and Allan make a great team--the chainmaille and lampwork is a wonderful mix!
I would never be able to keep the secret, so I hope you post pictures after Kieran and Kerry receive their gift:) I've been known to make people open their gifts just as soon as I see them...can't wait to see their faces! Good luck with the secret, and it sounds like a wonderfully well thought out gift.