Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Things that Make you go 'Hmm'

One of my favorite roses - an English Rose - "Evelyn"

With a lack of any new bead to show last night – I had a whole post ready for this blog pre-typed in word, which I somehow managed to lose – lol! We won't even mention my whole music folder :o(
Being well aware that my computer is probably on borrowed time – due to it’s somewhat erratic & unpredictable behaviour recently, I thought it wise to start sorting, moving & backing up a lot of what is on my Hard Drive, especially my photos.

I do have to wonder why it is that computers decided to start this behaviour after they become intrinsic to what you are doing & where you would like to be heading in life.

This is no small task & one that I have been avoiding due to memories that still have the power to make me stop in my tracks. Just when one is beginning to suspect that her muse has taken a vacation & left her alone to deal with mundane chores – ending every day feeling like we have achieved very little of what we had originally intended, we can get a subtle reminder that there is light at the end of the tunnel, eventually things come together – fall into place.

Today on looking through folders of photo’s I realised that there was quite a lot I have achieved in the past & can be proud of having done so. Homes restored, renovated & redecorated – bare yards turned into lush gardens. Like anything - they all took time & in my case a quiet obstinate & often defiant determination….with a good dose of darn hard work & in many cases sacrifice.

Even though I don’t have the homes or the gardens any more - & miss them dreadfully – I have realised that the determination is something that can’t be taken from me. So as much for myself as anything I’m going to show – nay brag about the things I am proud of achieving in the past.

See post below for the first lot of pictures – the ‘bigger picture’if you’re interested can be viewed here by clicking on the 'Cornwall Street Achievements' Album below:

Cornwall Street Garden Achievements

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rosebud101 said...

Deb, it's easy to see that you have nature imprinted on your heart! What beautiful gardens! Thank you for sharing them with us!