Thursday, July 10, 2008

Pretty in Pink - & Green....again!

Today some flowers arrived. Whilst the reason for their arrival is rather a somber one – the colour choice made me smile!

Last week Allan’s Mum died. She was 86 years old, fought & survived Breast cancer – not once but twice, & had really just given up. Apparently she was quite adamant about what was to be done when she passed in the week preceding her death & managed to slip away quiet peacefully in her sleep with her middle son by her side at 3am on July 3rd.

The flowers today were from Allan’s work - rather thoughtful that they waited until he got back from the funeral to send them so they could be appreciated by him as well, I feel.

It has to be said though, that I have never imagined Allan as a particularly ‘pink’ type of guy – he’s tall, masculine & hairy – the only time I have seen him looking remotely pinkish is after he has caught some sun! Maybe there is something I didn’t know – I shall have to investigate that.

However the colour choice, in the scheme of things, is kind of cool.

How nice, in the middle of winter, to be presented with a bouquet of flowers full of the promise of spring & summer – from the wonderful fresh green foliage with the contrast of the pure white ranunculus & rosebuds through to the scent of the delicately pink tinged white Oriental Hybrid lilies – there is so much promise of things to come in a bunch of flowers.

Of course the inclusion of 3 unnaturally pink Gerbera’s did a little more than make me smile…. & I wasn’t the only one ;o)


rosebud101 said...

Allan, you are in my thoughts and prayers. May you be at peace.

When it comes to pink, I have to say, there's nothing wrong with pink. I love pink. Real men like pink, and it's okay. With that being said, I'm wearing a black top and turquoise pants today. I think I was very tired when I picked out my clothes this morning!

angelinabeadalina said...

My condolences, too, Allan. It can't be easy to lose a parent, even if you think you're prepared for the day it will happen.
It was very kind of your coworkers to think to wait to send the flowers when you got back home.
The pinks are beautiful, too, and full of promise for the future, just like Deb said.