Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Two Lovely Ladies have led me astray!

In the Pink + Green of Perfection Treasury

I managed to snag a Treasury on Etsy a day or so ago – Shock Horror – it’s Pink & Green! It’s bright ….very bright!

I’ve been converted…kind of, & I’m blaming it on Ang & Mallory! Not particularly sure I can justify the placing of blame – but hey it feels good to do so. Maybe I should have blamed it on the person who wants a pink & green bead for his girlfriend for getting me started – but is so much more inspirational, not to mention fun, to place it on a person who is known for her love of pink & another who provides us with photographs of a certain Green "Dragon Energy Goddess "against such “unnaturally” pink flora.

What started as a single little green & pink bead has turned into something more – oh so much more.

It has snowballed into a “pink-and-green-athon” - & I’m left sitting here wondering what happened to my “orange” gene. We shall see about that ;o)

1 comment:

angelinabeadalina said...

That treasury is such a pretty one, Deb! It was fun to click on all the pretties.

Oh, and I am loving your pink and green combos...I'm getting ready to scroll down to Caladium one more time right now :)