Sunday, July 20, 2008


"Inner Realm"

I had my very first 'real' practise at teaching lampworking. A paying student - yippeeeeeeeeeeee!!
OK - so she was only 10 years old & a friend of Gabriela's, whom I strongly suspect has been quietly, or not so, nagging Mum & Dad to have another (& longer) go at the torch.

I'm not so sure that it was educational for her - but it sure was for me.
I have learned that kids don't always take on board the whys of doing something a certain way, even though you may tell them more than once - lol!
Sitting up straight & holding the mandrel straight horizontally just isn't important to them - even when you explain that the bead is just going to slop downwards if they don't.

We put some rather sculptural, in an abstract way,looking beads in the kiln. After 3/4 hour I took a step back & let her just play, & learn for herself - & she was more than happy to do that.

I retreated a few feet away & played with my lighting & camera (yet again *sigh*).
I was only a step away if she needed me..... & a glance away if I heard the change in the hiss of the Hot Head that let me know she had relaxed & was working in too close. I slowly introduced a few extra tools to help her straighten up wonky glass & the marver to help with edges.

Introducing things as there is a need for them seems to be a better way to go with kids - they don't get an information overload.

It was a great experience - I had forgotten how much I enjoy sharing skills & techniques with others.

The bead above ? Well we need some eye candy & I have none from this last week or so, & I don't think I have 'aired' this one before ;o)


angelinabeadalina said...

Yesterday... Alright, woman, the Beatles are singing in my head now. Of course, "Yesterday" is one of my favorites, so it's a good thing :) Sounds like you've got the key to teaching a young person to melt glass-- after showing some basics, give them some supervised play time, and hand them tools when they need them. I am going to remember that when my two get just a little bigger and want to try torching.

P.S. Your Inner Realm bead is very painterly, love the flow of colors!

Deb said...

All my troubles seemed so far away, now it looks as though they're here to stay - oh I believe in yesterday (not gonna do the 'man' bit -lol!)

Sheesh Ang! Don't tell me you think in music too ;o)
I'd have to pick 'Revolution' as my Beatle's Fave.....well one of them.

angelinabeadalina said...

**insert jet engine sound**Back, back, back in USSR!

My all time favorite driving song. Way back when I had a Mustang GT to drive, I would pop in that song and and punch the accelerator...nothing like shifting gears to that song :)

Heehee, I don't always think in the correct lyrics, though. I am the girl who thought there was a Secret Asian Man living a life of constant danger ;)

rosebud101 said...

Hey, you two, the beatles were my band. I saw them on the Ed Sullivan show when they came to America for the first time. Now, Since it's been a hard day's night, I do want to hold your hand and twist and shout about the joys of melting glass and watching others learn to do that, too! Great job, Deb!