Monday, July 21, 2008

Strange Magic

Yep – I had ELO blaring out while I torched yesterday….talk about a trip down memory lane! Why is it do you think that we can remember all the lyrics to the song of our younger days & don’t hesitate to sing them along to the music that is best played LOUD? Yet give me a song that was a favorite a few years back & I get all the lyrics wrong – lol.
This of course is a very good reason why I don’t have a MP3 player – my singing alone would kind of scare away everyone!

Darn – I’ve taken the scenic route already….. Anyhoo , a while back in my blog I mentioned changing my earrings! I also mentioned my favorite pair of earrings, one of which had been lost after constantly being worn for 4 years.

Now I love jewelry & back in the 80’s & 90’s I had quite the stash of earrings – every shape, colour & size ….. & OMG there were some mighty ‘in ya face’ shapes & sizes amongst them. I recall being out at least a few nights a week & earrings to go with every outfit were a must. I still have a great part of that stash – just they haven’t seen an ‘ear’ in a few too many years!

The Stash

That was back when I gave a rat’s patootie about what anyone thought of me ….although I have to admit that even then I had my favorites & for the era they weren’t what was considered ‘in vogue’.

The Favorites

So years later, well after I’d adopted my ‘screw you’ attitude to the dictates of fashion & decided that I was happy being me – liking different things, acknowledging that although I could do frilly frou frou – it just didn’t sit well with me…all time being a little ‘out there’ in my individuality, enjoying being uniquely me, to get a pair of earrings as a gift that fitted my criteria – that not every second person walking down the street would be wearing was the greatest gift I could have been given. Enter the ‘Ear Wing’.

The fact that they were so comfortable that I was unaware of even wearing them was such an added bonus. To later lose one of them was devastating. The store they were purchased from disappeared a few years back & a number of web searches using the name these earrings were sold under has bought no results – well not the same as my Ear Wings anyway.

So, I hear you ask, where does the “Strange Magic” fit in here?

For the last wee while I have felt the need to start to minimize again, - a sense, if you like, that change is on it’s way – but nothing more than that, I hadn’t mentioned it to Allan.

Yesterday when I sleepily dawdled downstairs at the ladylike hour of *mumble mumble* on a Sunday morning – Allan was sorting out 5,000,000 years worth of his hoarded paperwork (which, believe me, takes up far more room that my old earring stash). Now why he felt the need to do this right then is the strange part…. Whilst sorting his packed paper trail he found a little piece of paper with the Patent number for my ear wings on it. He later searched using the patent number & managed to locate & then contact the company!
They are going to replace the lost ear wing, we just have to buy the one - & since they have been so great about it – I may just get a second ‘back up’ pair .
I’m just thrilled to bit’s!!

And this, my dears, is what all the fuss was about! LOL

The Ear Wing


rosebud101 said...

I'm so glad that you can replace the ear wings! Good for you and good for Allan. They look awesome! BTW, I used to have a couple of earrings like the ones in your stash.

angelinabeadalina said...

What fun to look through your earring stash-- but I have to agree that if I could wear earrings myself, the Ear Wings would be my favs. Glad Allan got touched by some Strange Magic and decided to organize his papers :)