Saturday, January 17, 2009

A Bookish & Elightening Week - Part Two "Serendipity"

The next 'first' was an indirect result of some 'junk email' from Delphi Glass ...or rather a subscription that I hadn't got around to cancelling (& am now hesitant to do so -lol!). Cleaning out my inbox I accidentally, or fortuitously depending on which way you look at it, clicked on a link that took me to a page of books.

There I discovered an absolute gem, something about the thumbnail on the page instantly grabbed my attention & almost begged me to click on it. A book called "The Creative Entrepreneur" by Lisa Sonora Beam.

I read the 'blurb' written on Delphi & looked at the smaller images they show of inside the book, it was enough to pique my curiosity in a big way, but I knew there to be more to it than they described. Google is my friend I typed in the title & discovered Lisa's "The Creative Entrepreneur" website! WOW!

Me, I am so not business orientated that you would wonder how I survive. Numbers & I are like oil & water. Idea's, plans & strategies have no problem at all forming in my mind, but getting them onto paper & figuring out the whys & wherefores bores me to distraction - quite simply it lacks the visuals & colour's that I exist for. This looked like the perfect solution. I read further - it was the perfect solution!

Off I shot to Amazon & purchased my copy, thanking my kids silently for the Christmas gift of "Universal Vouchers"! (Cold hard cash that had made it's way onto my credit card).
Feeling the euphoria that only a purchase that inspires you can create, I had to pace myself to be patient when I realized that Amazons delivery estimate to New Zealand was just over a month.
Back on Lisa's website however I discovered an hidden gem....

"Ahhh", I thought, "now that should sate my appetite & impatience for the book to arrive in the short term!"

Friday morning I was up bright & early, eagerly waiting for the seminar to start. My very first teleseminar & it was absolutely fantastic, brilliant in fact.

Did it sate my appetite? No way!! It stimulated it beyond belief & I'm now about to start stalking the postman in anticipation of my book arriving. I know, I know patience is a virtue - but right now, this instant...well I don't feel like being very virtuous ;o)

Fortunately Lisa can be followed on Twitter & on Facebook. That should help somewhat.
Please if you are creative - & even attempting to sell some of what you make, then I feel this could be the book for you. Click on the links - read what Lisa has to say. If it's the only thing you do for yourself this week - I suspect it will be by & far the best thing you can do.

And yes, Mallory - I know I have already enabled you!

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rosebud101 said...

You are such an enabler. I own this one, too!