Saturday, January 17, 2009

A Bookish & Enlightening Week - Part One "Discovery"

& a complete revelation! This has been a week of firsts in many ways for me...

The 'me' who loves books, & feels there is almost nothing better than to have my nose firmly buried in one, could just never imagine listening to a book. Like reading online, the thought of audio appeared as if it would lack that whole concept & feel of a 'real' book - the smell of the paper, the weight in your hands as your mind transforms words printed in black on white into visual images within your mind.
What can I say - I'm old! Whoops - I mean old fashioned!

I was given a gift of some audio books a wee while ago & I have just discovered how wrong I was! I actually have a choice too, how cool is that?
I can relax somewhere plugged into my MP3 player with my headphones on, zone out, just listen & absorb as the words turn into images right away or I can listen while doing something else, enjoy the story line with intermittent visuals. I can even listen at my computer if I like - although that could provide you with some interesting reading if I try to type blog posts & listen at the same time.
I'm rapt. It's given me access to far more than I could ever have time to read just by picking up a book alone.

Currently I'm following the fourth in Wilbur Smiths The Egyptian Series, "The Quest" (after having read the first three in the 'traditional manner') .

I'm thoroughly enjoying the whole experience! Never before have I had two novels on the go at once, I always finish reading one before starting another - mainly because my poor overworked mind is likely to get the storylines confused.
Can you imagine an Egyptian Warlock & warrior mincing about in Henry VIII's court while plotting against Anne Boleyn, or cruising the Pacific Islands along with Billy Connolly? Now THAT could be interesting.
But this wonderful mix of audio & visual is just a completely different thing - it's great! I love it - I guess that makes me bi-bookeral!

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rosebud101 said...

No more enabling! Whew! I don't own these books!