Tuesday, January 20, 2009

A Bookish & Enlightening Week - Part Three "Fortune"

A while ago I saw a 'Beading Color Expert' mentioned one of the blogs I follow - her name is Margie Deeb. I'd already somehow discovered Margie & was following her blog, "Color For BeadArtists" & had checked out her website. I later bought her wonderful PDF "The ColorQuest Series: THE SECRET". But what I really, really lusted after was her book "The Beaders Color Palette".

For one reason or another (read: tempted by so many, butI have a hard time prioritising), I put off buying it. I did, however, suggest to all that would listen here that "Universal vouchers" would be a great idea for Christmas so I could make a start on my ever growing list of needed books!
Of course once the "Universal Vouchers" were received, that just created a new dilemma - where to start? Eeeek!
I hesitated, for some reason even though I had narrowed it down to three vastly different books, two of which I could afford with my loot, when fate stepped in. I got an email from a wonderful & very generous friend saying that she was sending me "The Beaders Color Palette".
You have no idea just how much this particular email made me smile - it was better than Christmas....& certainly more satisfying, in the long run, than chocolate ;o)

My book arrived last week & quite simply I am completely enthralled, it is everything I thought it would be & so very much more! It's even been personalised by Margie & really what she has been written say's it all about the book:

This book is definitely of as much value to the lampworker as it is to a beader...believe me on that!

Margie Deeb has written what is, to me, the most essential book dealing with color, glass & beads. Over 190 fabulous high quality pages absolutely crammed full of idea's, inspiration & information. With hundreds of vibrant photo's of nature, buildings & such married perfectly to Margie's representational palette's shown in CYMK ink formula's you have so many choices about where to start.
The bonus comes with a stunning jewelry piece that has been inspired by one of the palette's on each page. You simply can't go wrong.

It's a positive visual feast! I know eventually my eye's will stop darting all over every page in my eagerness to absorb all of the images & my mind will settle down & find a palette that inspires me more than others - but in the meantime I am enjoying the 'rush' that this book is giving me.

If you need any more convincing Margie has some "Previews" of what is inside to download as a PDF from her website.
While you are at Margie's website - be sure to check out her January 2009 Margie's Muse Column - "Making your Monochromatic Magnificent".

Me, well I'm blessed to have made some very attentive friends (with better memories than mine) in this wonderful world of glass. Thank you all ! Each & every one of you has aided me in learning as I travel this path - whether you realise it or not :o)


angelinabeadalina said...

Mmmmmmmm, books! Love them as much as I love glass! Thanks for the previews in this series, Deb. Most interesting books you've reviewed! (and how cool is that autographed one??)

rosebud101 said...

Deb, you enabler, you! I now own this book! Thank you!

Studio Marcy - Marcy Lamberson said...

Color is so important and I'm so glad you mentioned this book. I think it's wonderful.