Thursday, January 29, 2009

Still Sitting Down?

I should know by now never to assume that just because something goes right one time when playing at the torch - that it will go the same way the following time. Next Session armed with Wilbur, stringer & a positive sense of being I set out to conquer the world of stringer control.

Whilst not perfect (& I have no desire at all for absolute perfection these days) - comparatively, it didn't go too badly. I achieved in part the look I was aiming for - but feel the need for some serious pre-planning with regard to placement.

Whilst doodling one night thinking of the sort of stringer designs I'd like to do 'eventually' - I came up with a couple of basics that I thought would work well together.
I should have quit while I was ahead - but oh no, I just had to go on & keep playing, thereby ending up taking one over ambitious cluttered sketch to the torch with me...... & immediately dismissing it as impossible when I looked at it for idea's.
Lesson Learned .....for this time anyway ;o)

Oh yeah - the 'Quit While Ahead' parts are indicated by the arrows!


Genie Sea said...

Stunning! I am so going to be buying some of your beads, when funds loosen up a bit! I love them! :)

angelinabeadalina said...

Don't you dare quit on this stringer pattern, woman! Bossy, ain't I? Well, your doodle pattern is very cool looking (not just the same swirlies over and over, which is all I can ever manage to do)! I am also applauding your stringer control in the beads you've shown-- love it!

rosebud101 said...

Wow! Deb, those are fabulous beads! Can I be your groupie?