Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Just when I thought it was safe to go out......

to the mailbox that is! ;o)

The usual pre-Christmas glut of shiny circulars daily dumped in my mail box is well past. Next was all the 'New Years' sales advertising & they're in the past too. So what could be next Valentines?....Easter?..... WRONG!!

Back to School! Yep - that's what's next here in New Zealand. Now I know I could put a "no circulars" sign on the mail box, but then again the little delinquent from next door would most likely just tear it off...besides I would miss all the fun stuff, like drooling over certain items in the brochure on the top left.

And what if I needed new underwear? I mean how would I know where to find it if I didn't get a circular depicting a skimpily clad only marginally older than teen model with a subtle golden tan (even though we aren't meant to get tanned in this fierce Kiwi sun) & a nice flat stomach smilingly seated, saucily displaying the half price bra that everyone must have? My first thought there was "would that be one cup or two"?
To protect your tender sensibilities she has been tactfully covered by the more ordinary displays of school stationary & such.

Todays quota was 9 multi page circulars from different companies. Now I don't mind circulars - honest I don't, occasionally. But why oh why did they have to get me all excited about "back to School"....when it's still another 2 1/2 weeks away! Teasers :o(

What did bring a smile to my face was this image:

Who can't remember doing this with a pencil - or a pen? Gosh it seems like it was only yesterday.
Oh wait was only yesterday! Being the sensible, mature person that I am I was fooling around when sorting some supplies out - much to the disgust of two girls who looked at my antics & chorused "Muuuuum!" together in that voice.


Ramblings of a lunatic mom and lampworker said...

ROTFL.... {{grin}}

Our two worlds are so similar :))
Except we were back to school today and they started back to school just before Christmas. LOL

Even though we homeschool I snuck in some new stationery. Couldn't resist...


angelinabeadalina said...

Okay, now which months do you have off for summer vacation (I should be able to figure this out, but for some reason the whole Christmas holiday in summer messes with me,LOL)? Do you get a break sometime in the middle of the school year (i.e. we start in August, have about 2 weeks off in December for Christmas, then finish the year around late May or early June)? Now, back-to-school stuff is my kinda thing, though, no matter what time of the year! P.S. I spied those cool cameras in that circular, even before starting to read what you've written for today :)

Deb said...

Hehehe ladies - the NZ school system for some misguided reason blessed us with 4 'school terms'.
(hey this system worked well for me when I was younger & actually AT school myself).
The dates these days are flexible & differ depending on the level (Junior Schools as opposed to High Schools etc)
Our 'Summer Holidays' run from the beginning of the last full week before Christmas, until the end of January or the first full week in February.
They then have two weeks off in April, two weeks off in July & two weeks off at the end of September/beginning of October.
It used to be 3 weeks off just twice a year (in between the Christmas/Summer break), with just 3 school terms, but they changed it for some reason.

Deb said...

Great spotting Ang - although it doesn't really surprise me, you is observant you is ;o)

rosebud101 said...

Your mail is certainly better than mine!