Wednesday, January 21, 2009

A Fantastic Finish ... Finally

Something I tempted you with a 'teaser' of last week is finally finished. I kept the focal bead for the finished piece from view, because I wanted to share the impact of the piece as a whole.

The focal bead is, in my mind, an absolute stunner made by Hector from Seraphim FlameWorks. I believe it was the first time he had ever sacrificed one of the elegant tubes shapes that we associate with Seraphim FlameWorks to that particular form of torture, oopsy...I mean "crunch press" & boy am I pleased that he did!

"Desiree" has been sitting in my collection, & at times pocket, for just over a year....quietly just waiting for the right moment to make it's début as a wearable piece of art. I just knew this bead had every intention of telling me how it wanted to be presented ;o)
Being a wonderful crunched bead that felt so good in hand - it got a stay of execution from being incorporated into such, simply because I liked picking it up & handling it so much.

What a fabulous palette of colours this bead contains. Having a spectacular bead to design around lets ones mind run wild with visions of the possibilities. It' an absolute joy to indulge in the ultimate pleasure of letting something dictate the colours one needs to use with such a wonderful piece.....& also a really good excuse to raid carefully hoarded stashes of semi precious gems stones & silver.

I already had the carnelian, moonstone, red aventurine & some blue-green glass beads of unknown origin, but hideously expensive, that I thought just might work. But I still needed something to pull them all together, something that would compliment, but not compete with the focal bead.

A pre Christmas outing with my friend Rose resulted in us discovering a wonderful strand of Fire Agates. I didn't have the bead with me, & in fact hadn't even picked it up & fondled it in some time, but I knew instantly that they were exactly what was needed. A quick & merciless raid of my stash of silver & voilà!


This rather important looking piece doesn't have a name as yet - but as you can see from the above photo this baby is all mine! Excuse the boring black t-shirt, I know it deserves a far nicer setting. In fact when the Mailleman's son visited earlier this evening the suggestion was made that his Dad needed to take me out somewhere that required dressing up in an outfit to showcase this piece!! Nice lad!

For your own piece of Seraphim FlameWorks magic check out their Etsy Store & their eBay listings, you wont be disappointed!


angelinabeadalina said...

It is beautiful, and the black t-shirt makes a good backdrop on which to showcase those colors...of course, you don't have to tell the Mailleman that, LOL. I know! He needs to take you shopping for an elegant black silk tee or blouse with that dropped neckline.

Beautiful work, Deb, and well worth the wait for the perfect pieces.

rosebud101 said...

jaw dropping gorgeous! Wow! Nice job, Deb!

Anonymous said...

Wow that is fab.

Kim Mailhot said...

I think "Mine!" is a perfect name ! What a truly stunning piece of art!
Cheers !

Genie Sea said...

Absolutely stunning. My eyes have filled with it. I think I will be dreaming about this necklace. :)

Tamarak said...


This is so beautiful!!!

It speaks to me...the only thing that will keep it from haunting me is the fact that it is not is your treasure...


christine said...

This is an absolutely gorgeous necklace and I also love your colorful description of how you created it. Have fun wearing this treasure!!!

Leah said...

oh, what a gorgeous piece!!