Saturday, January 03, 2009

My Grandpuppy

When Kieran & Kerry came down for Christmas I was informed that I am 'officially' a their baby "Missy".
Missy is Kerry's dog who has lived with Kerry's Mum for the past few years, but now that the kids have their own house on base, she is living with them.
While the kids stayed here over Christmas, Missy stayed out at Kerry's Mum's lifestyle block - quite simply because she knows them, & there are none of the associated dangers of an unsecured yard in the city. .... & there are also no temperamental, unpredictable cats.

However the day before the kids left Missy came to meet her other 'Nana', before going off to my Mum's house for dinner with the kids. Apparently my Mum fell in love with her - & Missy had a roast lamb dinner along with Kieran & Kerry.

She thinks that she is a lap dog & she's certainly Daddy's girl....

What a perfectly behaved dog she was too. She's a cross between a Jack Russel Terrier & a Blue Heeler (Australian Cattle Dog), that Kerry rescued from the Dog Pound a few years back. She quietly stayed in her doggy bed for the duration of numerous rowdy, hilarious games of Cranium that didn't end until 2.00am in the morning. I got to babysit her the next day while the kids went out for breakfast & I have to say that it was kind of nice having a little buddy that just curled up by my feet under my computer desk.

She got to meet Hercules, who was quite inquisitive & not at all phased about the prescence of a dog. Bizkit on the other hand issued one her of 'back off' warning sbefore making herself scarce.


Ramblings of a lunatic mom and lampworker said...

Awwwe that is one sweet puppy!! Just love Hercules - he's quite the brave dude!!

angelinabeadalina said...

Missy is adorable! Kittehs are very, very cool in their own way (Please make sure Bizkit and Herc know I did say that!), but a doggie has such a sweet and loving demeanor, especially rescued puppies. Hope you get another chance to hang with the grandpup soon :)