Friday, May 22, 2009

40 Hour Famine - World Vision

Every year World Vision has runs the "40 Hour Famine" in New Zealand.
Originating in 1975 in response to the immense famine in Ethiopia, 10,000 New Zealanders united together to raise $265,000. 34 years later it's become part of New Zealand youth culture with over 120,000 participating each year.

Essentially for a period of up to 40 Hours all the participants are allowed is barley sugars, or another glucose product, every meal or snack time. They are also encouraged to drink plenty of natural juices and water.

Younger kids can take part in this with a reduced time frame of 20 hours. Children under 13 are encouraged to do so.

The funds raised for "40 Hour Famine 2009" are going to various projects.

This year Gabriela has decided to take part in the full 40 Hours. She's only 11 - but determined to do it along with a friend who is staying the weekend. I have no idea how my pancake (especially on the weekends) loving, kitchen messing up wee girl, that comes in from school looking for the nearest food source is going to do - but her desire to do it is admirable. She starts tonight at 8.00pm tonight.

Perhaps she was motivated by the “Raise the Stakes” for the 40 Hour Famine message this year. She's not only giving up food, but also computer use & her cell phone for the forty hour duration.
Gabriela joined late & not in time to receive a sponsor book - but she has an on line profile here.
If anyone would like to sponsor her for a dollar or two - I know that will give her some encouragement.

I'll be updating her progress for her on her blog .


rosebud101 said...

Hugs to Gabby for taking part in this wonderful project.

Laurie Whitney - Mermaid Glass said...

What a cool kid! I need to have Anna check out Gabby's profile and maybe she'll get inspired by something 'bigger'.