Thursday, May 28, 2009

Question: What is the Difference

Between Ball of Hemp Twine 'A'
sinfully expensive twine

& Balls of Hemp Twine "B" (aside from colour)

Answer: $26.00!!!
Yes that's right. Ball of Hemp "A" was purchased last year at the bead shop at a mere $30.00 for the single natural ball. Granted, it is a bigger ball, thicker & a smoother finish.
I like the stuff for presenting my bead sets on. However it is also too thick to go through the holes is some places - so there is wastage.

The other two balls were purchased more recently at the Local Trade Aid store, a foundation dedicated to building just & sustainable communities through fair trade, at $3.95 each.

They have it in the natural colour also & it's thinner so it fits through all of the bead holes. I know where I will be looking for my 'extra' supplies first next time & helping in the wider world as well, rather than lining the pockets of the more commercialised business owners.

Ms Gabriela is awfully proud of me as this twine was made in Bangladesh. She speaks a lot about bangladesh since completing the 40 Hour Famine ;o)

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Patty said...

It's not often that the smart choice for the environment and global community is the cheaper choice. Congratulations on your find, Deb!