Monday, May 18, 2009

I Suspect It Was Jealousy

That caused a certain light bulb to decide my workbench was a good place to explode and land. It must have wanted to join all the pretty glasses it sees being worked on down there.

Plain white and not very attractive, I guess that it was over being a 'useful' object.

Joking aside, I am aware that this could have been very nasty. I had just replaced the daylight bulb that had died in my overhead lamp with this one (I try to keep a spare on hand as I like to work under daylight bulbs & these can't always be obtained at the supermarket or such), turned on my oxycon & gone into the kitchen to grab a coffee. When I came back, I bent to turn the propane on & heard a bang then a shattering of glass!

What has me antsy, however, is the stores response. The mailleman took the bulb back, it is not a brand I have seen around & only Bunnings stores seem to sell them. They wouldn't refund or replace without a receipt, so another $5.00 bulb was purchased.
The darn thing was put into the lamp & did a similar thing - but without the mess.
Another trip, a refund for the second bulb, and a trusted "Phillips" brand daylight bulb was purchased. The Phillips bulb is still in place and burning brightly.

Lesson; Don't buy 'Elite' brand bulbs from Bunnings - they are distrubuted by CBD Consumer Products, & the packaging doesn't have where they are made....probably cheap Chinese imported crapola that could explode in you face.


rosebud101 said...

Oh my, Deb, you were so lucky! said...

mona & the girls

Linda said...

Wow. Yes, that could have been really bad. Thankfully nothing serious happened :) No beads were ruined??!!!
I had a similar wierd thing happen with the light over my work space...those long bulbs...the end melted and dripped grey goop next to me on the floor yet I kept making beads. A bad smell came next. I still kept making beads. Then a pop and a crack. Okay, I stopped. The light was dangling from the "good" end and possibly ready to drop onto me. The lighting "specialist" said it was common. Great.

angelinabeadalina said...

I'm so glad you weren't sitting there working when it happened. That would've been ugly...especially since almost every one of us beadmakers is just like Linda and will keep on making the bead at all costs :)

As for the customer service regarding the light bulbs, it's appalling, isn't it?