Thursday, May 21, 2009

Rain, rain

go away! In between torrential downpours, which are unseasonably early if you ask me, we have snow on the Port Hills.

Clad in just jeans & a light weight jersey I wondered why it was so cold when I made the dash from front door to car this morning. As I pulled out of the driveway & looked up the road there was SNOW on the Port Hills. May? Heck, it isn't even officially winter yet!

Christchurch doesn't get snow...well not much. We're lucky if it actually lands at sea level once during the season (and then none of the drivers know what to do because we are just so unused to it). Perhaps the Port Hills will get one or two light dustings .....but more likely in July or August. Not May!

C'mon Christchurch - give me those wonderful winter frosts! At least we get clear days with blue skies. I like neither the grey - nor the view from my windows upstairs when it rains like this.

You could almost think this was a lake....

But no - it's part of the neighbours backyard!
Just another problem caused by the City Councils desire to save the costs involved with letting a city sprawl onwards & outwards naturally - instead approving permits that allow unrealistic amounts of 'in-building' that can easily be connected to existing amenities.

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