Sunday, May 31, 2009

My Saturday Inspiration

I am blessed. Every Saturday I get a break from the somewhat lonely occupation of being 'self employed' & I am paid to go & spend 6 hours being inspired by everything I see.

I am fortunate in that I have a great employer who has a well stocked gallery - set at a constant 21 degree's (70 Fahrenheit). I get to walk in to a warm, peaceful atmosphere (except when I manage to set off the alarm system, as I did a couple of weeks ago) & communicate with adults all day!

I meet new people, consult with & advise clients on framing choices & breath in a selection of art prints & originals that can at times overpower the senses. I wont even go into the 40 plus Art Catalogues that I can browse through if I feel the desire (or have enough quiet time) ....we would be here forever! Believe me though, looking on-line at the same images just isn't the same.

For me the best part is when I get to see artwork & souvenirs bought back from exotic places or groups of images & memorabilia that have a special meaning to a client. These often have a wonderful story behind them, & they are stories that I love to hear.
To see a persons eye's light up or hear the passion in their voice when they talk of an experience, how could one not be interested.

Every item comes in to be framed because it means something to the owner, therefore every item is special & deserves special treatment ... not to just be shoved into any old frame that you may have available. Most of the time my mind immediately conjures up an image of how an item would be best presented. Sometimes getting that 'finished' image across to clients can be a challenge - especially if they are not good at visualising what a frame or mat selection is going to look like when it is around all four sides of the piece being framed.

I love Saturdays! They are fun, often challenging & always inspiring!

The only downside is that because it is just one day a week - I often miss seeing the end result of something I have consulted on & don't get to witness the customers reaction when they see the result.

On being mostly self employed - have I ever mentioned what a drag my boss that I have for the rest of the week is - she makes me do ALL of the work, get my own coffee (which I often have to drink whilst performing one task or another), makes me do her housework as well.....& never ever shouts pizza for lunch! ;o)


Stanley1 said...

By "get my own coffee" do you mean "nuke one of the ones so thoughtfully left in the microwave for me" or "walk 100 metres down the road and chat to the cafe staff while they make it, then walk back"?

Deb said...

ahhh! Well....ummmm. OK - she makes me nuke the ones left for me & walk down to get them at the cafe.....
You got me there!

But what about the Pizza or any other nice lunch treats huh??? C'mon big boy - answer that one then!

Stanley1 said...

That's because YOUR boss is one of those people who actually forget to eat, the realises that she is STARVING the minute the cook walks in the door. If she forgets to eat, what makes you think she will remember to buy treats for your lunch?

Deb said...

oops - point taken.

Still - she's SUCH a bi...brat!

rosebud101 said...

I don't know, Deb. Sounds like you have a pretty good boss to me. Especially, if she sends you out for coffee and carrot cake. I've seen that carrot cake in your blog. I want it!

angelinabeadalina said...

Well, I got distracted by the thought of not remembering to eat and then forgot to comment on the real post, LOL. Can you tell me how you can forget to eat? I seriously need to remember to forget to eat once in a while!

As for the gallery, do you find yourself tempted to bop in there mid-week and check out the finished prints before the customers get them? You have such a good eye for putting things together, I can't imagine not getting to see any of the finished products!

Deb said...

Ang - Mallory sprung me by reminding me of the Carrot cake. I remember to eat when I see food, while out getting 'real' coffee.

Other than that I am pretty much a special kind of stoopid at home - which is probably why my metabolism is sluggish ;o)

I just get so caught up with whatever I am doing that I don't think to stop for food. Probably a good idea that I force myself out to get coffee's once a day.