Tuesday, May 12, 2009

A Bit About Orangeness

Or Tony & Tinny - err, perhaps I had better not use that as a nickname for Tin Man.

A few years back my boss once wrote of Tony & his art;

Tony the Cribb is a bit different.
And so is his artwork.

Part of Tony's artist Bio at the time stated;

“The most satisfying inspiration comes from within myself.
My experiences.
My feelings.
My thoughts.
But I also take great pleasure from the word ‘random’. A lot of my inspiration is random, coming from deep within a dark cupboard submerged somewhere inside my head. There is no justification, no logic, no reason, no background – it just is.”

From somewhere in that dark cupboard Tin Man emerged, & I for one am pleased that he did.
By 2004 Tin Man had quite a following & was expected to front up at least at a couple of Exhibitions each year....no matter how hard Tony tried to put him back into that cupboard.

Tony & Tin Man circa 2004 - I hope you can tell which is which!

Look at that only up to Tin Man #7

Ahh yes - a few could identify with this one!

...and this ;o)

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angelinabeadalina said...

And what a spectacularly weird and random cupboard it is! And, thank you, Deb, for distracting me from the major cleanup I am supposed to be doing right now. I mean, seriously, how could I not go ahead and read the next post about the Tin Man while I'm online??