Saturday, May 09, 2009

It' still summer in New Zealand

well in my head it is anyway. Or rather 'was'...until this week.

I've been thinking bright, & I've been thinking colour - last week I was even shopping for new flip flops. Last week I was still wearing flip flops.

I don't call myself De'borah de Queen of de Nile for nothing !! However, one can only deny so much.

That was last week. That was before it decided to rain. Now I know winter is on it's way. Along with the rain (which has been heavy & persistent) came the drop in temperature that meant some wardrobe readjustments just had to be made.

Now don't get me wrong - I love winter clothing! I adore boots & absolutely think the best of all fashions trends (whether it is in or not) is layering. I love seeing short worn over long, layers of colour, jeans with longer tops & topped with short jackets, waistcoats or vests & many combinations in between. I also like wearing some of it ( I'm kind anal about age appropriate), although I do tend to not get too carried away by what is classed as 'in fashion' - but likely to go right back out of fashion PDQ'!

Two of my favorite ranges are from New Zealand fashion houses that have been around for years (more than I care to remember). Vamp & VSSP, not cheap but certainly worth every cent you pay for the items.
Nice fabrics, quality workmanship & they will last for years. A lot of the items when analysed individually will also remain in fashion for years.

Love this look (& of course it has orange in there!)

My first experience with an item of clothing from the Vamp range was a pair of trendy black fashion jeans back in the early 80's. Those darn jeans just wouldn't wear out. Seven or eight years later when I finally put them in a Mission bin - they still looked like new apart from the styling. It certainly taught me a lesson in you get what you pay for.

These days I can't justify buying much from these ranges - working just one day per week doesn't allow a person the excuse to buy clothes the way it did when I spent more time at a Gallery & had exhibition openings to attend. But it doesn't stop me from looking (& thinking of the clothes from these ranges in my wardrobe that I need to shrink a couple of sizes to fit again!)

And if anyone asked me 'How to dress like an artist?' I would simply reply 'layers'.
I can easily imagine either of these ensembles with either skirts or 3/4 pants or a pair of gaucho's & boots .

Love this too!

And I can imagine the top layers in the image above teamed with this as well.

I would also say that black cotton/spandex leggings & short, short denim mini skirts don't count as layers - well not in anyone over 25 anyway!

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