Friday, May 15, 2009

Quietly plodding along

and updating my website. I am not suffering it gladly, I'm afraid - I like making the beads, but there the fun part ends.

I have figured that beads are even bigger drama queens, when it comes to photo shoots, than super models will ever be. They are fussy, finicky & just downright difficult, not liking to be seen in a certain light or from some angles - often refusing to show their good side & far preferring to represent themselves in a less than positive way.

When I named a category 'Diva Focals' on my website when I first started it 18 months ago, I certainly had them well pegged - even if the name wasn't for that reason at the time.

Ah well, some things are worth it. All of my Chalcedony beads through my website had sold - something had to be done!

Island Dreams_sm

Island Dream - G109, Chalcedony over Chameleon.

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