Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Shocking Shopping

Ms Gabriela wanted to bake some biscuits after school. Mrs Mum said yes.

Nice Mrs Mum duly went to the supermarket & bought some ingredients that we were short on. Three items - all home brand el-cheapo "Plain Pack".

Mrs Mum nearly went into cardiac arrest at the checkout....$11.35.


Sadly they weren't.

Maybe I need to swap out the thoughts of Alpaca's for a Cow instead.

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angelinabeadalina said...

Okay, I'm not going to worry about exchange rates and the difference that would make in prices, but I can say that I am not surprised. I usually buy store brands, too, when purchasing staples like sugar and flour and butter. A pound of butter can be anywhere from $3.59 to almost $4.99. I have come to the conclusion that I cannot think about prices when I need to buy something. Instead, I just worry more about the total at the checkout and try to keep that somewhat under control. By the way, it's a very good mum who has the patience to assist with biscuit making...and your kiddo is lucky to learn early in life :)