Saturday, August 09, 2008

The Eagle has Landed - oh yeah!

or rather the Exotic wee birdy called Rigatoni has!

Rigatoni - the Brave

Rigatoni's story began in May - at that point he wasn't even a twinkle in his Exotic Birdy Creator Momma's Eye. Really it's all Mallory's fault ....hey I have to blame someone sweety ;o)

Anyone who knows me has probably realised that I don't 'do' cute (or frilly, fluffy, flowery or frou frou) - however this doesn't mean that I don't like the odd bit of cute (frilly, fluffy, flowery or frou frou) - & it certainly doesn't mean that I can't admire immensely the work, effort & skill that goes into cute (frilly, fluffy.....nevermind you get the picture).

I'm just a plain 'n' practical girl, I love earthy & tribal.... well mostly. I am however a huge sucker for colour & a darn good story. Certain things will call to me.

Mallory (bless her cotton socks) got a treasury. In her Treasury was featured one of Marcy Lamberson of "Studio Marcy" little character beads - a wee guy called "Stromboli". I duly clicked & commented - then went back to look again at the colourful Stromboli.

Please click the link & look at him - what's more read what Marcy's description - I may bore you to tears - but believe me Marcy's will have you smiling.

Over the next few hours Stromboli was one of those pieces that just kept popping back into my head - so I went back looked & read again, then knowing that I had to have him I clicked & bought! Sang "Happy Mothers Day to me (well it was Mothers Day here) & congratulated myself on a most wise choice - lol!

Alas, Stromboli failed to arrive in New Zealand...personally I didn't blame him, I wouldn't want to trade a South Carolina summer for a NZ winter either. Marcy was an absolute honey to deal with - she'd happily offered to replace him & I'd just as happily said that I would wait, secretly hoping that Stomboli the Original would turn up eventually & that he'd just taken a slight detour - or perhaps a somewhat more scenic route.

We both suspected that the little rascal had made a stop off on the way via some beautiful Tropical Island where he was happily soaking up an atmosphere that was almost as exotic & stunning as he believed himself to be - only fitting really.

Eventually, of course, I had to acknowledge defeat & knowing that the wonderful Marcy was just waiting for the nod from me - let her know that I felt the time had come to send Stromboli's cousin.

I'm happy to say that "Rigatoni" made it here in under a week. Rigatoni is also, in my opinion, the Cap'n Jack Sparrow of Exotic birds - he's a tad more flambouyant than Stromboli & I suspect he doesn't have quite the unjustified delusions of grandeur that Stromboli did... & the wisdom to know that he would be cherished when he landed.

Oh Yeah - I'm Here!

Rigatoni was actually doing a little happy dance in this shot - but you may not be able to pick it up.


angelinabeadalina said...

Aw, I like 'em both! Marcy is the sweetest person to ever do cute and quirky, and she has got the greatest sense of humor to go along with all her magical menagerie. Lucky Rigatoni, out seeing the world and doing happy dances for poses :)

rosebud101 said...

I love Rigatoni! Glad he made it!