Thursday, August 14, 2008

Still not my beads

but I needed a challenge - maybe if I show my muse that I can get along without her...she will return.
She's going to have no darn choice next week anyway.

Two of these beautiful beads (the photo does not do them the justice they are so deserving of) have been in my 'collection' for some time. The stunning bead on the left, "Mirage" by Hec of Seraphim Flameworks sat in my small display cabinet for a wee while before it was joined by the equally impressive "Dusk till Dawn" by Karin aka Bead Fairy. There were beads displayed in between the two....for quite some time.

Eventually "Deb the obtuse" got both of the beads out for some reason ...(most likely just to fondle & drool over) & had a kind of 'hmmmmm' moment when she realised how very well the colours in both went with each other. Two beads with totally different shapes & sizes - a different feel & style, yet both had an ethereal quality that I love, a feeling of depth & movement & the seed of an idea started forming in the recesses of my brain without any real awareness that it was.
There had to be some way to marry them together in a piece.

Confession time; I'm really I am odd! I don't like even numbers! To me, even numbers are formal - a grouping of two doesn't look right. Think of it - two candle sticks placed on a mantle - one either end = FORMAL. Three candle sticks place dwith two at one one & one at the other = CASUAL. Yes, odd indeed - & don't even get me started on gardening or clothing styles.

A month or so ago the triplets, in the form of 3 lovely lentils, arrived as part of the "My Favorite Bead" exchange I had participated in on Lampworketc. Made by Sue Fitzwater (Soupy on LE), the second I saw them my mind went to the other two beauties & even before I rushed out to my studio to grab the leading man & leading lady I knew the cute supporting actors were going to work.

The final details are still fermenting in my brain - I know the overall look I want - now all that is left to do is go on a world wide search for the right colour natural semi precious gems & recruit the rest of the cast!

I'm thinking rich caramels, denim blues & just a touch of dark blue....nothing faceted or indeed sparkly in any way.
Anything come to mind ladies?


Ramblings of a lunatic mom and lampworker said...

I'm the worlds worst when it comes to finished pieces but I cannot wait to see what you make. Those colours sound yummy!! They all match your banner too.

Will post recipe on my blog sometime soon. Promise.


rosebud101 said...

Sounds nummy, Deb, but where's the pink? lol

angelinabeadalina said...

I'm odd, too! The ex and I once had an incredibly drawn out argument about where to place some beautiful sconces above the fireplace mantel. He insisted they should be placed right smack dab across from one another, exactly halfway up the height of the mirror between them, while I lobbied for off-center spots that just weren't "even" as far as he was concerned. Heehee, the things you will remember from the past. Anyway, I can see Hec's beautiful tube bead placed horizontally as a sort of bail for Karin's magical bead hung vertically underneath. Then Sue's trio needs to be sprinkled in there as connections. Hmmm... I wanna see what you do with them! They do indeed all look as if they were intentionally made for each other :)