Thursday, August 28, 2008

My camera woes are almost over ....I hope!

I'm still trying desperately to do battle with my camera! Did I say battle? - it's more like war of the worlds.

Yesterday this conundrum got slightly better & I realised that it may not be 'me' after all.
I rang the camera store & told them of my problem with it....the light shift I get with Ithe settings on manual, when photographing beads.

They agreed that I am doing everything right & it should not be happening. It is going to go to Canon to be tested...I'll be without it for 2-3weeks.

But Hey - at least I know I'm not actually going mad - that little sucker that can take a great outdoor photo, might just learn what's good for when it comes to beads it yet!!

Failing that I'll start metioning that sexy Digital Rebel XSi agin ;o)

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