Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Tah Dahhhh!

Last month I alluded to something I was fortunate enough to have been able to obtain as Kieran & Kerry's Engagement gift.

Yet again there is a bit of history here (now there's a surprise -lol!), as some may find the subject matter of what I am about to show a little morbid.

Kieran, as many know, is in the New Zealand Army. But it goes a little further back than that....Kieran was born on "ANZAC Day" - April 25th 1985.
ANZAC Day, in short, is similar to Memorial Day & Veterans Day in the USA. It's the day that the NZ & Australian forces landed in Gallipoli in WW1 - many lives were lost on that day.

In a way I always knew from early on that Kieran would be in the Military - I guess having a kid that tells you at 4 years old he is going to be a pilot in the Airforce is some small clue ;o) It wasn't a "when I grow up I want to be..." sort of thing - it was said with determination & absolute conviction.....right through until at the same time as he sat his NCEA exams - our country, in it's ultimate wisdom, decided that the Airforce didn't actually need Fighter planes. The airforce didn't happen - & Kierans life shifted somewhat.

Later, after a few years working in the hospitality industry, he picked up the threads & started looking at the Army. Personally I am thrilled - I like the Army uniform much better - somehow the airforce's looks a bit 'gay'.
Mind you if, I told you how well that boy can dance.......

I am not shallow ;o)

Anyway - here is the gift. The second I saw it, a few months back when it was first completed, it screamed 'Kieran' to me.
Under normal circumstances I would never buy art as a gift - never be presumptuous enough to choose something for anyone else. Art is such a personal thing.

My only hesitation, for this particular occasion, was that it would seem if it was intended more for Kieran than Kerry. It isn't - it's just significant. Something wonderfully bright & fitting to decorate the wall of their home on an Army base, that has a little more meaning than just an engagement gift.
The fact that it is Canterbury (his home region) colours of red & black is just an added bonus.

They were both absolutely blown away, loved it - in fact I could even say that a certain young man appeared a little overwhelmed. Those eye's were very bright & glistening.....

Blood Shed - Katie Ross April 2008


rosebud101 said...

Wow! Deb, What a lucky couple to receive such a wonderful gift. Awesome!

angelinabeadalina said...

I like. A fitting tribute to a young man and his soon-to-be wife, this elegant reminder of the importance of the military and the gravity of their commitment to it. No wonder Kieran was overwhelmed. That is an incredibly meaningful gift.