Wednesday, August 13, 2008

A scent like no other....

well.... no other around at this time of year!

Something I miss dreadfully in no longer having a garden of my own, is wandering around in the early morning with a coffee in hand (often before I am dressed) & looking at what is pushing up through the ground, forming tiny buds or blooming.
I also miss being the early morning still damp garden smell & being able to bend & literally bury my nose in a bloom & inhale the scent.

A garden, although it may look dormant in the cold months of winter will always have something happening if you take the time to look closely. Last week, whilst on a walk, I noticed the hellebores flowering - although that's nothing new for a plant also known at a 'winter rose'.

Today, a visit to a friend, yeilded a bunch of freshly cut Daphne! Daphne odora - an early, heady assult on the senses signalling of the warmer days not too far ahead.
Ahhh mmmmmm...(can you see me with my nose buried in the shrubs at her place?) the first real heady scent of the season - Spring must be just around the corner.

My Little Bowl of Springtime - Daphne odora

Just thinking of all the delicious fragrances ahead ....Viburnum burkwoodii next, closely followed by the later flowering Daphne burkwoodii, then roses, lilies with their distinct array of scents from the trumpets, through oriental hybris & speciosums. Later, at the the height of summer, my all time favorite to smell on a warm summer evening Jasmin... oh yes I foresee quite a few walks this year in order to get my fixes of frangrance.

Don't worry if you hear of random reports about a woman seen with her nose buried in someone's flower bed - it'll just be me ;o)


Ramblings of a lunatic mom and lampworker said...

It is exciting with Spring just around the corner. You go ahead and stick your nose in any bunches. I'm sure some won't mind. LOL

Now I'm curious. Why no garden??

Deb said...

LoL Mich - we rent, & it's a small section. The one bit where we could have a garden is down by the back fence & extremely wet in winter. Remember the photo's of the neighbours flooded lawns? soaks through the ground to here - anything I planted would have to be bog loving or it would drown.
I do have some things planted in the corner where it isn't quite so wet & a few pots dotted around - but it 'aint the same ;o)

rosebud101 said...

I can smell the flowers from here!!