Sunday, August 17, 2008

Last night was Kieran & Kerry’s engagement party….I’m feeling a bit wilted this morning.
I just have to put one thing down while I actually remember what was said – because a certain encounter had me in almost uncontrollable laughter for the rest of the night.

There’s a bit of prestige associated with being in the Military….I think. There were a few of Kieran’s Army buddies there – in full on recreational mode, very relaxed & in some cases a bit the worse for wear.

A group of young men were standing around outside having a cigarette – there were a couple of non- smokers that had joined the group & the general conversation was being quite jocular about smoking & the public perception of army life….
At this point there was speculation why non smokers would stand outside in the cold of winter with those that were smoking as opposed to being inside in the warm.

The tail end of the conversation:

Mr civilian non smoker: it’s never bothered me being around people that smoke when I’m socializing.
Nathan: It should…..
Pause (whilst formulating semi coherant thought)
Nathan: more people are killed by passive smoking than actual smoking….
but that’s cool because I’m pleased to be doing my bit……..
I mean, I joined the Army to kill people….
(taking the micky out of an oft heard perception of why young men join the military - but in a kind of serious way)
Kieran: But Nathan .... you’re a Medic.

Ummmmm – at this point I almost doubled over, I know I burst into laughter to the point that I was spechless for a we while – can’t remember what I actually said....

Oh yeah – I knew there was a reason I felt so utterly comfortable with our country's safety being in such good hands ;o)

I did promise (or was that threaten) them, for the rest of the night, that little bit of "Army Intelligence" was going to make it onto the web!


angelinabeadalina said...

"'re a medic" LOL! Too funny. Glad the party was a great one!

rosebud101 said...

Love this and I love the accents.