Friday, August 01, 2008

My Muse May Have Taken Flight - But the Ducks Have Landed!

Winter in Christchurch, New Zealand, Southern Hemisphere has's wet & it's Official ;o)


We've been extremly fortunate actually - as far as I'm concerned it has been mild, most days have been bright & not to cold at all. To hear some you wouldn't think so - the first sign of a temperature drop & they are moaning about how cold it is.
We've had a minimal ammount of frosts & very little rain - until now.

Now let me tell you that I am the queen of anti-cold. I loathe & detest it, & feel it through to my bones. It makes me miserable.

I love heat - as far as I'm concerned the more heat the better, I will never complain about a really hot day. Rock on evenings where it's in low 30's at 10.00pm at night I say (around 89 degrees farenheit) - bother that was in Australia - it seldom happens here.

If I say it 'aint cold - it 'aint cold! This my first winter in a new house, instead of old villa's, or refurbished bungalows is the warmest I have been in 30 years, & boy does that make a difference to the way I feel, about everything.

That clever muse of mine - she knew it was going to rain. I suspect that's why she took off, I've a feeling she loves heat even more than I. Looking out of my bedroom window in the morning isn't exactly inspirational right now (in fact the neighbours yard to the left never is - can you tell?)
Maybe a torch session anyway will bring her back - Good idea Cindy ;o)


angelinabeadalina said...

Sheesh, ducks in the alley? Maybe pretend you're in Venice? Seriously, I don't like the heat as much as you, but cold kinda gets me. . .spring and fall are my favs. Just remember, if you're sitting in front of the torch, you'll be nice and warm!

Deb said...

ROFL! Now Ang - does that look like Venice to you?? Even in my wildest dreams -(& believe me my imagination can be quite vivid - technicolour at times), uh uh way. Even I'd need to see a cute gondolier somewhere to take any waking fantasy that far ;o)

I think I sitting in the corner at my torch & playing with some random retro combination of colours I saw on a 70's silk tie in a Junk store today is going to float my boat if only I could remember what those colours were - lol!

rosebud101 said...

This is the 3rd time I've tried to post. For whatever reason, the text box is cut in half, and I can't see everything I am writing. I think it must be very interesting to see ducks in a pond in the neighbor's driveway.

Ramblings of a lunatic mom and lampworker said...

I'm glad I dropped by.

Sorry about the cold. Not keen on it myself. I'm already wishing for Spring and I swear it is around the corner.

I'll be back...