Thursday, August 07, 2008

Yee haaaaa!

Remember the green? Or to be specific – the green & unnatural Pink! One way or another if affected a couple of us some weeks back – even though we are half a world apart .

The lovely Angelina was out & about in her Mom’s garden spotting the ‘unnaturally’ bright pink she had found in nature ;o) ….then sharing it with us.
Me, well I was making green beads for a custom order….a very loose custom order – of the sort where the customer says ”I want a bead for my partners birthday – she likes green”. Ummm – style? Shape? ….any colours other than green?

Admittedly it did get a bit more specific after that – Tony is an artist, a very talented artist in my opinion – but then I have always been a fan of his. He’s random & fun - it reflects in his wonderful quirky art. He’s also very much like me in that he would know what he liked when he saw it.
So a trial run where I made some green beads (well greenish really) & he came & looked, narrowed down the preferred shape & size & added a couple of extra colours into the pot – the green & pink beads ensued.

A couple of days ago he came to make his choice – after lot’s of fondling & playing with Sterling Wire & various Bali & Hill Tribe silver - he decided on not one , but three beads & we agreed I’d have them wired up & ready today. Can you imagine it???

I couldn’t believe it – I was absolutely ecstatic. He paid me then & there – very generously above the quoted price, I might add.

Today he called & we made a time for him to come around & collect them. Eventually the doorbell rang & as I approached the front door – I see this wonderful young man bouncing up & down like a kid – doing a happy dance at my front door – lol!

As I opened the door the bouncing continued & a hand extended towards me with a lovely bottle of Red Wine. I asked what it was for - & got a wonderful – “to say thank you” – now isn’t that just the sweetest thing?

What makes this even more special is that I know things aren’t easy for Tony – his art is his sole livelihood. With the current economy here – art sales have slowed down considerably, but unlike some – Tony has the courage of his convictions & knows that if he hangs in there without compromising his beliefs – things will get better. By hanging in there he is also showing that he is serious about his work to others – that I admire immensely.

Not only has that young man restored my somewhat flagging confidence & motivation – he’s also restored my faith that in this day & age, when on many a street & in many a mall you will see a total absence of manners from a lot of the younger generation, there are people that stand out from the rest & will go that extra distance to show both manners & appreciation beyond what is necessary.

Of course the icing on the cake was when he asked for some business cards – “because all her friends are going to want one too.. when they see them”. I’m beaming from ear to ear! Tomorrow I may even tell you what I spent some of the money on – lol!

For now though, these are two of the beads he chose.


angelinabeadalina said...

Those are beauties, Deb. . .how could he not choose more than just one? Thanks for sharing the story, too. I will be thinking about that happy dance and the dedicated artist for quite awhile. It *is* inspiring to picture his enthusiasm.

rosebud101 said...

Yipeeeeeeeeeee! Gorgeous beads, Deb, and worth every penny and more! Congratulations!