Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Bugger - I Forgot to Post the Buggers!!!

No - really! I forgot to post my "Bugger" beads when I said I would - actually I even forgot about editing the photo's. Double Bugger! (In no way related to a double anything burger).
Such an adaptable word really.

Well here are my beads - nowhere near as innovative & amusing as Mallory's.
Since they were both a variation on a theme - they have surf related names (yes that program is still surfing around in my mind!).

"Bugger - his wetsuits fallen off and he's lost it in the waves" (Wishful Thinking!)

"Bugger me - the tide's out"

"Buggered cat - After a Night out Tom Catting!"

This is how I found Hercules (not less.. yet!) a little after 9am this morning .....yes, he is still intact, while I try to develop the parts he will soon be missing, in order to take him to the vet.
It almost seems sacrilegious to do it somehow.
There he was laying in the purrfect position in the sun, until I blocked in in order that you could actually see him in the photo - lazy, hedonistic wee bugger!

1 comment:

angelinabeadalina said...

ROFLMAO, Deb! Bugger-- His trunks have fallen off!! Those are such gorgeous beads, and the names are such kneeslappers-- it's like an assault on the senses and funnybone at the same time :) The trunks falling off one is especially pretty, so fluid!

Now, you and my hubby seem to be of the same mind about having to get tomcats fixed...he couldn't bear to strip MeatyHead of his masculinity, so that cat never did get fixed. It's sad to admit, because we both know it's not good to have extra kitties without good homes.