Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Colourful Fibers Spin my Wheels & a Sneak Preview

Well, they're are going to take a spin on a Kumihimo disk - so I'm not telling fibs!

I love fibers & textiles, especially colourful fibers & textiles. I buy them, I stash them away & I hoard them, occasionally I take them out & fondle them! The fact that 80% of what I have bought doesn't get used is academic! It will.....one day.
That, however, doesn't stop me from buying more, although I must admit that since glass I have been very well behaved...sort of!

This lot I shall happily blame on Jo - they were her discovery at Hands Ashford. Of course it wasn't me that suggested a trip into the country to visit the showroom of the creator of these wonderful hand dyed fibers last Friday. Jane's studio was a positive Aladdin's Cave of delightful colourful fibers & threads. Unfortunately we didn't get to meet Jane, but her wonderful husband Rob was more than willing to help us out & let us browse & buy.

If you are into fibers I can highly recommend a visit to Janes Van Keulen's website - there you will discover an array of hand dyed silks, rayon's, cottons & so very much more. Of course if you are hesistant about buying online, prefering to have a more 'hands on'experince - I will gladly offer my services as a personal shopper!

Additions to my Fiber Stash

Now for a sneak preview at a couple of beads that will be part of my totem....or parts of them anyway ;o)


rosebud101 said...

Those fibers look awesome, Deb! Hmmmm! Those beads, I can hardly wait to see them! I h ave to start on mine today. Great idea for a challenge!

angelinabeadalina said...

You tease :) Those totem bead pics are very sparkley and pretty...do I see moonlight and sunlight or maybe earth and sun? Mmmm, whatever you are making, the colors are as lovely as those fiber colors!

Kyfarmlife said...

Those totem beads are beautiful! Lovely colors!