Sunday, October 19, 2008

Now What Day Is It again???

Dragon Tears - Jo Hoffacker

I have just had the pleasure of meeting Jo Hoffacker aka Dogmaw Glass at the International Airport here in Christchurch! Check out Jo's blog when you have a moment.

Now I've known about this for almost two weeks - but I was just too scared to say anything about it in case I jinxed it & it didn't happen! Honestly!! I know that sounds silly - but to me here way down under, seemingly isolated from the rest of the lampwork world it just didn't seem possible that I would ever meet a lampworker from the USA on my home turf.

When I was alerted that Jo had started a thread on LE asking if there were any lampwrokers in Christchurch as she was heading here for an interview at the University of Canterbury - I was in there like a flash!! I couldn't believe it - it seemed to good to be true, or rather more like a dream come true.

Jo & I made contact & it transpired that she had a free day in her schedule & she was more than happy to spend it with me....torching!!! Tomorrow is that day. This has got to be the first time I have ever thought "Rock on Monday". Even though her transport from the airport was all arranged by the University - she was more than happy for me to pop out there & meet her!

As she came through the doors after clearing customs - I picked her immediately...the fabulous "Flame Dames" T-shirt was a great help! Poor Jo - she's lost track of what day it is, between transfers, a long international flight & gaining a day date wise, I'm sure she doesn't know whether she is coming or going!
I didn't like to take my camera to the airport, as I'm sure I wouldn't want my photo taken after a long flight - but Jo looked amazingly alert & fresh! I'll try to make up for that tomorrow ;o)

I have just got home after spending a little over 30 minutes chatting with Jo & I can't wait for tomorrow.
Just as well that I have Sophie's party this afternoon to keep me distracted from my excitement or else I have a feeling you'd all hear me squealing from there! ;o)

No Photo's of Jo sorry - but here's another of Sophie that I'd like to share - it was taken on her arrival back at school & the huge welcome that was put on for her - she's was also presented with her new car that day ....I'm told I'm getting a ride in it this afternoon! lol!


rosebud101 said...

How fun is that, Deb! I wish I were there with you tomorrow! Oh, well, I will live vicariously through you!

Ramblings of a lunatic mom and lampworker said...

That's exciting. All happy times. Have fun at the party and I'm jealous of your playdate (big grin). The sun is out and shining. The dust has settled after two biggish storms. Our first official rains. Yippeeee!!

Now to enjoy my Sunday as I woke up thinking it was Monday. Eeeek!

angelinabeadalina said...

I just read this, and it's already Monday afternoon here. That means you and Jo have just had a fabulously fun day torching!! I am envious of both of you :) Can't wait to see some pictures!

P.S. I am sorry the blue glass and fate were having issues last week...that top bead is absolutely my fav, and it is absolutely gorgeous!

Lisa said...

How great that you got a visit with Jo! Now when are you coming to Phoenix? I'm 15 minutes from the airport...LOL