Friday, October 31, 2008

"C" is for Cat's affected by Colour

Yes - you are correct, even cats are affected by colour!
Take this morning for example. Hercules was scheduled for a trip to the vet....or rather THE trip to the vet but he wasn't to know that.

I caught Big Boy & put him in Bizkit's cat carrier, the reaction was immediate;

"Hmmmm, Hang on a minute, this is Pink is no colour for a studly young male of my magnitude, what the blazes is happening the woman trying to subversively emasculate me??"

"Uh oh - did I say 'emasculate', hey back up the truck, I know what's going on here!! I.Must.Escape.Now"

"That didn't work!! I'll try this. Must.Get.Out.Somehow"

"Ok, that didn't work either... maybe if I give her my pleading "Puss in Boot's from Shrek II" look she'll think of Antonio & let me out...."

The last two weeks have been interesting for young Herc! Long story - but he got rather ill & became literally skin & bone within a couple of days & could hardly walk. It was pretty darn scary.
A trip to the vet & we had to wait overnight to see if he had something deadly (Feline Aids or Cat Leukemia). Thank goodness it was neither & the verdict was either poisoning or an infection from a scrap with another cat over some female when he had been out gallivanting around at night.

The vet said he was full of hormones (I have another term for it!) & to keep him confined inside. Bring him back & get him neutered when he finishes the meds.
Easier said than done for an over sexed tom cat in Spring. So 10 days worth of antibiotics & a special diet (read: was spoiled rotten!!!) & he was fit as a fiddle. Due to his confinement the same can't be said of the house.

We knew he was feeling a lot better at 3am one morning when he decided to call out of my bedroom window & let the 'gals' know that he was available to give them what he felt they needed....HIM!
The rat bag kept up that racket most of the night & the following day decided it would be acceptable practice to mark his territory! (something he had not done until that point)
I could tell a lot more tales too about a certain young lad with the testosterone levels of an adult movie star.
Let me put it politely (cos I'm a lady after all!) - Big Boy & his family jewels were a legend in his own mind, & he felt his sole purpose on earth was to share the joy! He became a veritable Houdini!

Until then I had been having serious second thoughts about removing those impressive things, somehow it seemed almost sacrilegious & they'd had an indefinite stay of execution.

But this morning, feeling really bad about it still, I put him in the cat carrier & took him to the vet. Even the vet was impressed!!
I picked him up at lunch time by then he was Herculess.

Apart from a slight stagger when I let him out of the carrier - he doesn't seem any the worse for wear, the first thing he thought of was food! Typical!
After that instant weight loss too ;o)


rosebud101 said...

Oh, my, Herculess! Well, it was quite interesting while it lasted. You should get a dog. I've never seen a dog like Hurcules!

Ramblings of a lunatic mom and lampworker said...

Hugs Hercules. You're still a very cool dude cat. If it makes you feel any better, Charlie the Boerboel needs to have his noggins snipped off. But then you wouldn't care because, well he is a dog. LOL

Go and show those girls you're still a guy.


angelinabeadalina said...

Bwahahaha-- those pics and captions of poor Herc in the pink cat carrier are too funny.

Herc was indeed a legend with the ladies, but after that confinement and the marking bit, it wouldn't have been as hard for me to make myself take him for the snip (or in Herc's impressive case, the snip snip SNIP SNIP).

Hope he's all recovered now and ready to try the life of luxury of a Herculess :)